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Can you tow a trailer or caravan legally?

• If you passed your car test before January 1st 1997 You are generally entitled to drive a vehicle and trailer/caravan combination up to 8.25 tonnes MAM (maximum authorised mass). MAM is the maximum permitted laden weight.

• If you passed your car test after 1st January 1997 You are restricted to vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes MAM towing a trailer/caravan up to 750 kgs MAM, or a vehicle trailer/caravan combination up to 3.5 tonnes MAM providing the MAM of the trailer/caravan does not exceed the unladen mass of the towing vehicle.

If you wish to tow a trailer/caravan that exceeds these weight limits, you will need to pass an additional driving test to gain B+E licence entitlement.

Caravan Owners

If your vehicle and Caravan (and luggage / passengers etc.) weigh over 3500kgs then you will need a B+E licence entitlement too. Consider this example - Land Rover Freelander approx. weight 2100kgs + Caravan 1400kgs + 4 people in your car = 3900 kgs

The possible Penalties for Towing Without a Valid Licence

• 9 Penalty Points (3 For the missing Licence entitlement and 6 for no Insurance - owing to fact you are driving without a licence)

• A Maximum fine of approx. £5000

Is it worth the risk?

Even if you believe you are entitled to tow legally our advice is to get some “trailer/caravan training” if you have little or no experience before you consider towing anything. Our “introduction to towing” courses are informative and enjoyable. It will give you the chance to gain some basic skills that you can demonstrate when using your own trailer without the fear of looking stupid.

B+E Assessment session (1 hours) available for £35+ VAT

Please email or ring for details

The B+E car and trailer / caravan driving test

• The car and trailer test lasts for approximately 1 hour 15 minutes and is based on a mixture between the standard car driving test and the LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) test.

• The test comprises elements at the test centre and on the public road:

o Ability to undertake safety checks on your vehicle and trailer

o A reversing exercise

o A 60 minute road drive, demonstrating advanced observation, use of speed and management of space to a very high standard.

o An Independent Drive (10 minutes as part of the 60 min on-road drive)

o Unhitching and re-coupling

________________________________________ Course Information

• Without proper training, many people fail the B+E test on the standard of their road driving, so all trainers are RTITB (Road Transport Industry Training Board) Accredited and Registered Instructors .

You will find us friendly and professional, we are also extremely patient and believe that learning should be fun.

We will show you how to save money on fuel with our fuel efficient driving techniques.

• Irrespective of your previous towing experience, we will prepare you not just for the test (if you need to take it) but to tow with skill, confidence and safety.

• Reversing and manoeuvring training takes place on private ground.

• Intensive courses are available midweek or weekend. Lasting a full day, this is normally sufficient time to prepare people for B+E test success and beyond.

• Training is provided on a 1:1 basis, though you are welcome to share courses with a friend or colleague when appropriate.

• All training is conducted using our vehicle and trailer , although you are welcome to use your own vehicle and / or trailer if you prefer.


Courses Available

Introduction to Towing / Refresher Training

• 3 Hours in duration

• General safety advice – Trailer Loading / Caravan, vehicle checks.

• Coupling and Un-Coupling

• Reversing techniques

• Driving with a trailer / caravan - general awareness

Price £ 89.00 + VAT Extra hours available at £35 + VAT per hour


2 Day B + E Course

• Suitable for someone who has experience at towing

• Concentrates on preparation for the B + E Test

• General driving skills with trailer worked on

• Approx. 8 hours in duration

• Test held on afternoon of 2nd day

Price £ 395.00 + VAT (Includes test fee £115)


3 day B + E Course

• Extra time spent on Trailer exercises and is suitable for someone with little or no trailer experience

• Also works on general driving skills with trailer • Approx. 12 hours in duration

• Test held on afternoon of 3rd day

Price £ 525.00 + VAT (Includes test fee £115)


All the above courses are based on 1-2-1 tuition. Our training centre is located in Goole, East Yorkshire (DN14 6XF).

If you would like to share the training with friends / colleagues please contact us to see what discounts we can allow.

Where and When?

• Our courses take place around the Yorkshire area. The Test centres used are our Goole Centre or Beverley, Grimsby, Sheffield or Leeds DSA LGV testing centres.

• Accommodation is available at various Hotels including one just ½ mile away from our office.

• Courses that require a B + E test are usually available within 2/3 weeks but we may be able to offer earlier dates if required, subject to availability

• Our refresher course is usually available within 7 days.

• Payment for the courses can be made by Cash or Debit / Credit card, sorry we do not accept cheque payments unless by prior arrangement.

• Upon booking we require a deposit of which will enable us to secure your place and book your B + E test where required.

• All accommodation / travel costs are your own responsibility

Thank you for your time in reading this information. We hope this content is of some help and if you require any more details or want to have a friendly chat with one of our Instructors about any queries you may have please feel free to contact us.